We want to make democracy smarter with collective intelligence

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Who we are

Smarter Together is a network of 60+ experts and practitioners of Collective Intelligence.
We study, design, develop and evaluate democratic innovations and collaborative governance mechanisms in the public field and within organizations, with the goal of renewing representative democracy as we currently know it and to allow groups to better respond to collective issues.

Our mission

Complex challenges made simple(r)​

We promote innovative methods tapping into citizen wisdom to answer the complex challenges that our societies face. We believe that this will strengthen our democracy.
Our international network of experts have tested methods and innovations at different scales of policy making across the world. We continue developing new methods answering the risks faced by our democracies. Process design is central to grasp citizens’ knowledge.

At Smarter Together, we insist on fundamental principles, methods and processes, key to producing Collective Intelligence.

Our mission is to bring necessary innovation to policy making thanks to the principles of Collective Intelligence.

open access HANDBOOK

Co-edited by an international network of top academics and practitioners, our Handbook offers case studies and key ideas for policy makers, public organizations, civil society activists and practitioners.

The Routledge Handbook of Collective Intelligence for Democracy and Governance

Routledge Handbook of Collective Intelligence for Democracy and Governance
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CI and governance experts

A global and diverse network of 100+ experts, contributors and mentors, from the world’s best academic and consultancy teams. Our network helps public officials, NGOs, and all those seeking to develop innovative and impactful processes that deeply renew democracy.


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