How to harness Smarter Crowdsourcing for stronger EU policies and democracy

A 1-day opportunity for EU policy-makers and civil society change-makers

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On the occasion of International Democracy Day, the European Citizen Action Service (ECAS), Dreamocracy, and Smarter Together presented the potential of advanced forms of crowdsourcing for public administration and democracy at EU level. 

Public authorities dealing with urgent crises need agile solutions to identify expertise quickly. Also, the complex challenges that our democracies are facing require fast and creative thinking. Fresh scientific insights, new methodologies and technologies help better address public problems, by tapping into stakeholders’ and citizens’ insights and the famed “wisdom of crowds”. Better integrating cognitive diversity can help improve the effectiveness and legitimacy of public administration. This has been proven to be very effective for instance for public health policies for which crowdsourcing methods have been used extensively during the Covid pandemic.

Participants tested out new innovative methods and learned how to:

  • Co-produce solutions on complex policy issues at EU level
  • Combine expert-based crowdsourcing with problem solving and scenario planning
  • Integrate the agility and diversity of crowdsourcing with careful curation of expertise
  • Produce policy relevant forecasts thanks to large numbers of guesses
  • Mobilise citizens to help monitor the implementation of EU policies

Morning session for policy makers (10AM-1PM)

 1 | Why better crowdsourcing for policy making?

 2 | What can crowd forecasting do for policy makers?

 3 | Crowd monitoring, the case of air quality in cities

 4 |  Crowdsourcing also for legislative monitoring: the case of environmental compliance

 5 | What next? How to make crowdsourcing and policy makers (even) smarter

Afternoon session on social innovation (2-5PM)

 1 | Crowdsourcing for social innovation and faster change

 2 | How to better combine citizen and specialized input for faster social change

 3 | Inspiration from the social innovation experts, with the Ashoka network

 4 | Brain mash: crowdsourcing for you (workshop)


Masterclass’ targets

  • predict complex events thanks to crowd forecasting
  • combine insights from large groups of citizens and experts to inform policy making
  • improve policy making legitimacy thanks to co-production techniques
  • discover new evidence methods of crowdsourcing



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