Collective Intelligence for stronger democracy

Vetted methods, key principles, and inspiring stories from around the world

Citizens’ Collective Intelligence is an untapped resource for policy makers to:


Design better public policies and make more informed decisions


Foster trust between citizens and encourage change


Innovate by including different ideas and spreading what works


Achieve actionable consensus and smoother policy making

Our goal: renew democracy

Smarter Together is a non-profit whose purpose is to study, design, develop and evaluate democratic innovations and collaborative governance mechanisms.

Our goal is to renew democracy and empower groups to better respond to collective issues.

Handbook of Collective Intelligence

Discover the latest science at the intersection of politics and Collective Intelligence from the world’s leading academic publisher in Humanities and Social Science.

Democracy is in crisis because today’s governments largely fail to capitalize on their greatest untapped resource: the collective intelligence of their citizens.
The cases in this book show the way to the smarter, more open democracy that humanity deserves.

Prof. Helene Landemore

Yale University, author of Open Democracy (2020)

None of this century’s hardest problems will be solved by a single stroke of genius –rather, we can only make progress by inventing new and better forms of collaboration. This book gives an essential guide to our emerging field.

Prof. Thomas Malone

Founder, MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

The extent of the movement toward deliberative democracy has been poorly understood until now. This book enhances our understanding of the breadth of activity across geographies and social institutions, while providing a valuable resource for insights from a host of experiments in collective intelligence.

Dawn Nakagawa

Executive Vice President of the Berggruen Institute

Experts collective

A global and diverse network of 60+ experts, contributors and mentors, from the world’s best academic and consultancy teams. Our network helps public officials, NGOs, and all those seeking to develop innovative and impactful processes that deeply renew democracy.

Key CI methods

Explore our democratic innovation toolbox and make it your own.  Use these curated methods to get your own projects off the ground ans solve public problems together more effectively. Don’t forget to adapt them to your own context.

Smarter Crowdsourcing

Optimise the quality of crowdsourced input by combining it with expert validation
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An AI assistant to make sense of large amounts of human expert input
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Citizen Science

Inclusive, frugal science to quickly test and spread good ideas
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Get inspired with 30+ curated examples from around the world.
We’ll be breaking down what works, and why, by adding new featured case studies every week.

Gov Lab's Smarter Crowdsourcing method curates diverse exeprts to improve government crisis response

Featured story

Curating experts insights to tackle Covid-19 with Smarter Crowdsourcing

A new method to attract diverse ideas from global experts and rapidly develop actionable proposals.

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Featured story

Understanding the levers of public opinion: deliberative polling and AI assisted online deliberation

A new way for governments to reduce polarization and uncover how citizens change their mind on important policy issues

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Slagelse citizens sitting on a bench

Featured story

Citizen sourcing health policy with AI idea curation

How Slagelse used AI to gather citizen insights on health and well-being to craft local policy

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Smarter Democracy Hackathon

A 2-day workshop with the Public Service of Wallonia to guide Wallonia’s participatory democracy efforts and identify further democratic innovations for 2024-2029

How crowdsourcing can benefit EU policy making

Key takeaways from our Crowdsourcing Masterclass on forecasting, crisis response, citizen science and democratic renewal.

Should we celebrate International democracy day ?

Doom, gloom, boom, the retarded and the future of democracy

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